I’m writing this blog as a record of the restoration of Flamingo. She’s 28′ 6″ carvel planked, Pitch Pine on Oak frames and she needs a daunting amount of work to get her back to her former glory… assuming of course that she was glorious… she may have been an old tub from day one but I think under the peeling paint, the flaky varnish, the dried out planking through which the sunlight creeps, despite the dodgy additions and modifications of her 84 years there is a beautiful boat waiting to be revealed.

FlamingoSurvey_0000s_0034_P1020253       FlamingoSurvey_0000s_0037_P1020250

FlamingoSurvey_0000s_0039_P1020248       FlamingoSurvey_0000s_0033_P1020254

3 thoughts on “Flamingo”

  1. Really looking forward to seeing your progress. Be prepared for LOTS of work and get used to the feeling of having a JCB exploring the depth of your pockets!
    With a bit of luck you’re going to enjoy the experience, All the best, Stu

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  2. Congratulations for getting her into your garden – already one major hurdle successfully overcome.
    The great secret is to look at what she was originally. Restoration to that stage is what it is all about; anything you do over and above that will be tempting – hot water, sophisticated nav gear etc – but strictly speaking unnecessary. She has sailed for 75 years without it all. So what’s the difference now?
    Her sister sailed to Oz and on across the Pacific (until she ran into an island) so it is a proven design. Materials are good. The basic structure is sound. Most of the problem with traditional yacht restorations is the owner, not the boat but if the owner is organised and methodical the project will advance smoothly. (at least that is the theory)
    You will need lots of help and advice and I am sure you will get it but choose carefully.
    Good luck, keep us blogged. Peter Wooden Ships, Dartmouth

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