There has been very little work over the last few weeks. Life has just got in the way. This weekend will be no different as #1 Son has flown the coop to University so we’re “popping up” to see him. Driving to Manchester with a post birthday party hangover will be stretching the phrase popping up but it will be good to see him in his new digs.

There are, of course, lots of little jobs that could be done in the few moments I have had, but I’m a master of procrastination so the workshop has remained untidied, the storage shed likewise, the grass and brambles grow unchecked while I –  make lists…

Lots of people ask me; “How’s the boat coming along?” and “Nearly finished?” or, “Is there much to do on it” It’s a bit like asking “How are you?”, no one really expects an answer, certainly not a seemingly never ending list of what needs doing…. gabbled out excitedly in some sort of nautical code language. As I talk I see their eyes glazing over and flick from side to side (is there any rescue from this boat bore?)

So for all those who feign interest, for the list makers and procrastinators, here is the ‘To Do’ list. It’s by no means exhaustive, though it will be exhausting.

The endless list
The endless list

I’ve found the trick is, to look at the list, and then add a new item, that way I can feel I’ve achieved something. 🙂 Otherwise I could feel overwhelmed, and lets face it no one likes too much whelm in their life do they?