Satisfaction, frustration, and the willful entanglement of inanimate things.

Today’s task was to get the shed roof on, and weatherproof. I am pleased to announce, after a bit of a struggle, the task is complete. I could, I suppose leave this post there. all the key information has been imparted. Shed up. Roof on. Job done. However what good is this blog if I can’t vent a bit of frustration every now and then? So first I had to take off the tarp that was covering the shed, Tilly and I spent a rainy miserable bank holiday Monday (quel surprise) putting the shed up but ran out of day before the roof went on and had to wrap it in tarp secured with bungee. This is where the willful entanglement comes in. Unhooking the bungee it pinged back and slapped me in the face. As I started to pull the tarp, the wind got up and it slapped me in the face, somewhat annoyed now I yanked on it, it tore. More annoyed I started to pull the bungee cord through the eyelets…. more face slapping, and standing there with the tarp thrashing in the wind, my legs plaited with elastic and my face stinging, I thought, this isn’t boat restoration as I imagined it. No whiff of tar and varnish, no soft swish of a sharp plane blade slicing through wood, no sweet thunk of mallet on chisel.

Despite the frustrations, it was very satisfying loading boxes of rigging and coils of rope into the shed. I also popped over to Queenborough to pick up the acrow props that Jim very kindly offered to cut down to size for me, and stopped off on the way back to order the timber I need for building a shelter over Flamingo. I feel the momentum of the project is good and though winter is perhaps not the best time to be outside boat building I am hopeful that the decrease in gardening duties will mean I can sustain it.

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