Flamin’ go! Flaming O, or just Flamingo?

So I’ve been playing with ideas for how Flamingo’s name might appear on her transom. I know, I know, this is way off in the future, but I’m itching to get on and the weekend is so far away. Apparently, a steady income is necessary even when you are in hot pursuit of your dreams so I’m reduced to a bit of lunch time graphic design to keep the flame of enthusiasm alight. Speaking of flames… (nice link!)

Flamingo logo 1
Nice retro font befitting her era, and I like the floating O
Flamingo logo 2
Another retro font and another play on the flaming O gag
Flamingo logo 3
A more ‘gothic’ font. Is it a bit “dragon slayer’? Perhaps it doesn’t need the flames…?
Flamingo logo 4
Still like the floating O and kind of like the Flamingo….
Flamingo logo 5
“Just popping up to the boat….” “just Flamin’ go!”
Flamingo logo 6
mmmm maybe something like this

Well its a start.

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