Owners Past

I can’t resist this midweek update. Having picked up the engine, anchor, stove and heater from Dartmouth I couldn’t wait to have a look at the slim folder of paperwork that Peter at Wooden Ships had been looking after. Disappointingly slim, no photos and not much detail of her history but it does contain the Certificate of British Registry.

The Original Registration
The Original Registration

I love that the first few owners occupations are listed as ‘Gentleman’ I wish I’d realised and I could have put the same. 🙂

Obviously Flamingo attracts Gentlemen Owners...
Obviously Flamingo attracts Gentlemen Owners…

This surprised me though. In 1963 for goodness sake!

1963 and still a woman is documented by her marital status, a man, his profession...
1963 and still a woman is documented by her marital status, a man, his profession…

Some owners inherited Flamingo and couldn’t wait to get shot of her, some owned her for many years. My imagination is filled with the stories hidden in this skeletal framework, this brief snapshot of her life. Family holidays, lone voyages, wet weekends and sunfilled days, dreams fulfilled and dreams lost. Maybe I should write the book….. yuh, maybe get the boat finished first. 🙂


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