Planning the Layout

I’ve been cogitating on the layout inside and wondering how the forward bunks will work with a bloody great mast in the way. Lots of lunchtime doodles later and it was clear I needed a scale plan and elevation of the existing layout to work from. It was grey and miserable on Sunday so I was happy to be below decks, though I could have done with more light. Choosing the bulkhead between cabin and cockpit as my datum I sketched out the current layout.

Plan Elevation

So the question is; should the heads stay where it is, or move up to under the hatch? Then the forward bulkhead could be removed and the two forward bunks moved aft where there is more space. Or is it bad enough squatting in the existing angled cubby hole lurching up and down without restricting the headroom? There is good headroom where it is but the current bunks in the forward cabin are very cramped, in fact I struggle to see how you would access them at all once the mast is stepped. Then again…. crawling in to a bunk maybe inconvenient, but crawling into a toilet could have very messy consequences! I dont really fancy the ‘bog under the bed’ that lots of small boats have so I suppose really the question is, can I create a space big enough for the heads with a door to separate it from the cabin?

Time to redraw the sketch in AutoCAD and test the theories.

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