Still Stripping

With so much to do in the new half of the house, and there’s a whole saga behind that phrase, there has been little time to do much on the boat. Reading other people’s restoration blogs or articles leaves me feeling inspired and depressed in pretty much equal measure. Two young guys restoring a ferro cement gaff cutter seem to get as much done in a day as I do in a week! What I have done is extended the budget planner spreadsheet I started when going through the heart-in-mouth purchase process. It’s a scary document. Obviously I went into this project with my eyes wide open, but ignorant eyes don’t see that much no matter how far apart you prise the eyelids. Who knew that paint for the hull would be the best part of £300. Or that a built in fridge would set you back 700 quid! Mattresses, made to measure £600! The saving grace is, there is no rush, the orchard is a free and convenient storage space, and I’m only 49 (sobs quietly into glass of Fursty Ferret) so plenty of time before she’s a hundred….

Hopefully more exciting content next blog. 😀

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